Buildings and housing

Buildings and Housing infrastructure is a major input to the economic development and sustained the growth of an economy. A nation which is on the road to success and development should be support properly by civil and industrial infrastructure, with products and services. The rapid growth of the Indian economy has had a significant impact on the demand for commercial property to meet the needs of business by way of offices, warehouses, shopping malls, hotels etc. Growth in commercial office space requirement.

Construction - Buildings & Housing

Is led by the growing Outsourcing and Information Technology industry. Infinity Infrastructures has been providing world-class infrastructure support to India’s growing Industrial, Retail, ITeS, and Services sector. The housing shortage in the Country opens up a huge window of opportunity for the division.


In today’s world to move goods or people we need a strong transportation network like roads, highways, bridges, flyovers etc. to maintain the better connectivity. In India, it is estimated that out of the complete private sector expenditure i.e. $100 billion, 44% of it will be spent on roads and highways, over the Twelfth Five Year Plan period (2012-17).

Infrastructures- Roads and Highways

Further, the National Highway Development Program (NHDP) will upgrade roads of 3,700 km. of NH by increasing the number of lanes to 2/4/6/8.